Sales Lead Management Radio

SLMA interviews Laura:

00:30 - Introductions

02:00 - Arm wrestling – really!

04:43 - Given the run around by venture capitalist and determined she needed to shake it up, “Let’s decide this with arm wrestling.” Speaks volumes as to who she is, but at the core she is the same: she adapts, she is strong, self-starter, develop relationships when you move and carry them forward – this is what she has done with her upbringing as an “army brat.”

05:50 - Consistently on the list of the 50 Most Influential in Sales Lead Management (http://50mostinfluential) and 20 women to Watch in Sales Lead Management (

06:38 - Worries and projects must pass the “Life is too short” test – she and her friend, Mac McIntosh agree on this.

07:30 - What is considered success? “The people we’ve come to grow and love.” She’s still in contact with the people from her original account at NEC 25 years ago. “THAT is the most gratifying thing.” That is success. You’ve maintained a rapport through the years and continue to support each other.

8:46 - How long did it take to get the confidence that you didn’t have to work for someone else again? When did you know you could make it and continue to bring these relationships forward?

10:00 “You don’t know what you don’t know when you start out – but thank God for that.” She’s a natural risk taker, but not knowing she may not make it was a huge help.

11:00 Rabbit hole story about Jeff Zigler and her first cinderblock building location – wide-eyed, but not as much as the door-to-door sales telecom people who visited. Laura and her crew — three of them – tech savvy, unbeknownst to the sales visitors. By the time they left, they had an appointment at the telecom HQ facility in Kansas City and sold them!

12:45 Laura admits, “SUCH A RUSH to be an entrepreneur!”

13:01 Most fun when invited to speak because of entrepreneurial experiences to incorporate successes and failures. It tells the true story.

15:00 Laurie’s story of “One Client” before there were the terms: marketing automation, sales lead management. We used a lot more words to describe what we were all doing.

16:45 By the time she opened VineaGroup, she was able to do it with only company funds and no other investors or loans.

19:45 LinkedIn becoming more of a content resource.

20:00 - Laura is adding to the toolbox with Google+. SAAS tools, Cloud tool, social media platform – they rarely are what they started out as 2 years later. She sees where this is going.

21:00 It about matching a client’s value proposition to a known need. “We finally puts words around their problems.” Ronnie Bincer, like Susan is a nationally prominent in understanding Google+ and Hangouts. He started out in SEO and saw where this was going combining great content, engagement and relationships to build sales.

22:00 Video SEO is critical to reach. Susan says “It’s huge in building authority – relationship building.” Laura says, “Do your due diligence about every tool in the arsenal.” “For a while, we were all in the HubSpot frenzy – inbound digital, fanning your digital feathers – have them come to you – but there is so much coming at us at such a pace.”

23:15 “Please don’t make me learn something new today! Give me a day off!” This is part of the fatigue coupled with the huge excitement. Prospect engagement and conversion – fill in the top of the funnel – based on THEIR NEEDS and what’s relevant to THEM. We understand the tools, good-old fashioned email marketing digital retargeting.

24:25 Laura McGuire says, “Folks, you need to get better understand the power of Google+. I can get the fatigue, but there has been a phenomenon of adoption. There has been more growth in Google+ – despite naysayers – than any other social platform in that amount of time – even Facebook.”

25:15 - Shifting the hub of your communication. Where are you the most effective when you only have a limited amount of time. That’s where you need to be. Laura agrees.

25:45 No one can be the expert at everything, but as a leader and decision maker, you need to quickly understand how things need to be plugged in and applied to the people you are serving.

26:15 enterprise marketing automation in mid-to late 1990s – duked it out. Learned a lot.
Laura and her companies kept their eye on the concept of cloud before the term came up. Like other scrappy regional agencies, they set up their cloud labor the first day when Citrix set up their cloud server about 25 years ago.

27:35 Cannot remove that human element, the relationships. We will be investing a lot of our time and treasure, it will definitely change the face of labor in the next 5-10 years.