Process Counts!

Research indicates that conditioning, nurturing and qualifying B2B prospects may take many outbound marketing touches to convert a known prospect into a viable-ready sales lead. Thus, the need for multiple integrated processes:

  • Telechannel Touches: While web channels can help fill the top of the funnel, it typically takes one or more prospecting phone conversations to obtain the necessary information (about the prospect’s budget, decision making authority, specific needs and timeframe) in order to pass on the opportunity to sales staff as a bonafide lead. VineaGroup loves prospects! And it's our goal to guide you how to love your prospects, too. (P.S. Your prospects can tell the difference.)
  • Integrated Personalized Email: Powerful prospecting campaigns integrate email touches with phone and print touches. With strong content, these significantly boost prospect engagement results. Whether launching traditional email touches or embedding digital retargeting pixels, these features will link you to the prospect’s response behavior.
  • Personalized Direct Mail: Print is not dead. To the contrary, research shows that adding print touches before and during campaigns significantly increases the prospect’s willingness to have a qualification conversation.
  • Marketing Automation Ties Campaigns Together: The most effective prospecting initiatives, whether inbound or outbound, coordinate prospect engagement using multiple touches via multiple channels (web, email, phone, and direct mail -- whether inbound or outbound) over a period of time. With deep roots in the Enterprise Marketing Automation (EMA) industry, VineaGroup possesses robust, proprietary technology that lets us engage prospects seamlessly using integrated campaigns over various media. Or we can guide you to effectively manage your current EMA to its full potential.