LTRM Center of Excellence

Just as a vineyard produces its fruit in season, a LeadsToRevenue Management (LTRM) "Center of Excellence" is the ecosystem that cultivates the engaged and motivated buyers necessary to hit your revenue goals.

This Center of Excellence cost-effectively organizes, automates and scales practices that engage customers across their lifecycles -- from initial prospect to repeat buyer.

LTRM drives best practices, consensus and governance across organizational disciplines of marketing, sales, operations and management. LTRM adopters quickly move from non-existent or siloed marketing and sales activities, to well-organized and highly-integrated modern prospecting initiatives that reliably and measurably improve revenue and profit results, all while keeping the customer front and center.

Approximately 25% of large and mid-market companies are embracing aspects of LTRM today. But all recognize that companies, large or small, need to embrace these practices to stay viable in an increasingly competitive and rapidly evolving world of the digitally-empowered prospect.

VineaGroup offers a four-step process to take you from concept to fully operational LeadsToRevenue Management:

  • Step 1: LTRM RoadMap Development  A customer-centered, revenue-driven assessment of your current situation and gaps and the specific resources, initiatives, and infrastructure to bridge the gaps to stated revenue goals.
  • Step 2: Implementation Support  Staffing, sales lead management tools & technology, campaign planning and application configuration, measurement & reporting.
  • Step 3: Campaign Launch Assistance  Side-by-side with internal staff to launch, manage productivity and report results of multi-touch, multi-channel (web, email, phone, mail) prospecting campaigns; lead qualification and distribution.
  • Step 4: Ongoing LTRM Support  Daily campaign and lead production oversight for clients requiring tactical support.