Effective B2B Lead Generation Strategies for Successful Businesses

Many marketers and business owners struggle with B2B lead generation; it doesn’t help that businesses have a real need for good tactics, and yet there is very little information out there. Thus, B2B marketing confuses a lot of people. Businesses are highly dependent on generating leads since these leads are potential sales contacts. Without leads, [...]

Our efforts don’t die on the Vine: Clients tell us why they love us

When it comes to today’s B2B marketing, it’s safe to say that digital marketing techniques prevail over traditional ones. With limited familiarity on how these online platforms tie in to lead generation and sales conversion efforts, technology companies may find it difficult to maximize the said tools’ potential. Fortunately, at VineaGroup we can step in [...]

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Your company launches a telemarketing campaign to pitch a new project management program that efficiently tracks project timelines, deadlines, and budgets. Unfortunately, 95 percent of the calls end up in rejection, while the remaining 5 percent is for follow-up—and this is just Day One! It’s a rather disheartening experience, but rejection is nothing new in [...]

Don’t hear it through the Grapevine: Get to know us straight from us

What are the biggest challenges that retailers face today? Most would probably say it’s the cutthroat competition that has become commonplace. Others, meanwhile, will say that marketing to consumers is a cut-and-dried process. One simply has to address the need and advertise it. Things are not that easy for technology companies targeting businesses, especially those [...]

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How can you bring your B2B marketing campaign into the future? One effective way is to embrace online methods more than traditional methods like direct mail or telesales. Still, the mixture of online strategies can get overwhelming and confusing especially if you are new to the game. Learning some basics here and there can help [...]

Why Choose Our Company to be Your Partner for Your B2B Marketing Needs

How can your business reach out to other businesses in this day and age? You have several ways to do so. There are the traditional strategies like direct mail, telesales, trade shows, and sponsorship, and there are online strategies like online display advertising and e-mail. With all these options, you’d think things will be a [...]

Infographic – 9 Steps To Get Serious About Brand Optimization

VineaGroup_9 Steps To Branding Optimization

Take Your Brand Seriously: Why You Need to Optimize Your Brand [Infographic] Having a brand is beyond having a name, term, sign, symbol or design, or a combination of these to identify products and services and to differentiate them from others.  Having a brand means having a set of values or associations that your target [...]

Infographic – SEO Goes Natural & Social with High Quality Content


How to Comply with Google Panda and Penguin Updates Doing effective SEO has evolved into a more “natural” and “social” process.  Algorithm updates, particularly Google’s Penguin and Panda, are continuously changing the course of conducting search engine optimization. Penguin targets bad links while Panda goes after poor content. Google, through their algorithm updates, has reiterated [...]